Vermontian Style (using WordPress Galleries)

Just to demonstrate the use of Galleries for your wordpress sites, here’s what I have been suffering through this past week…

You should first enable some of the gallery features in your own site via Settings — Media

image galleries

You can create these galleries from the images you upload to wordpress, via the Add Media Button. A gallery can be made form images already there or ones you add after clicking- Click Create Gallery on the left, and upload/select the images to use:

create gallery

You can then add captions to each, re-order, and explore some options on the right for the kind of gallery to create, even to randomize the order

edit gallery

You can change the options for the gallery (make sure your wordpress editor is in visual mode)- click once on the gallery area in the editor, and the pencil icon again to change the properties


By enabling the slide show carousel, and icon on the gallery on the page can launch the full screen slideshow– use Galleries when you want to add a collection of photos to a blog post that go together.


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